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This is one of those posts that were made for me and for that I thank you Brightidea. I write that because if we've ever met, or you've read some of the posts on the site or when I was using Medium, when and if you watch the hangout below (it's one hour), you might recognise a bit of me in it.

And it's also a short post for me to write which is nice for a Sunday afternoon.

In the hangout you'll hear from Kuhan Milroy from SAP and Courtney Wood from Tata Consulting Services. And you'll hear them talk about scaling their innovation programs. For those of you that are working with innovation management, this will be quite valuable, even if some of it will be confirming what you already know.

The key takeaway for me was that for your innovation program to grow, you've got to let it grow and for that to happen you have to accept you will make mistakes and that you have to try new things (the old way of working is why you are not innovating). And for that, you're going to need the right people involved from within the organisation. With them and the right attitude, you'll be successful.

But it's all in the hangout, I should stop now, otherwise it becomes a longer post than is necessary.

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