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Open Innovation Stanley Black Decker

Following on from our post last month about how BT manage the business impact of innovation, below we've got a video from Mike Murray, Open Innovation Manager at Stanley Black and Decker.

The takeaways from this fairly short video are that you have to know what you're looking for when working with innovation challenges. By that, we mean it can be extremely open to the entire organisation or very technical to a very specific group of people .. also, open innovation doesn't mean outside of the organisation!

For more information on how Stanley Black and Decker innovate and how they can set a target of 1,000 new products a year, visit their innovation page here.

Open innovation at Stanley Black and Decker


We're sharing the above video as it was taken at Synthesize last year, the annual Brightidea customer conference and it's taking place again next month in San Francisco. Want to learn more about the event or would like to meet up - click here for more information.

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