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This is the first post on our new company website. Seems a bit strange writing that but the reason we're launching a new website is to share how we work, why we work and how we work.

We're doing this because we've got lots to share and most of the time it's done in a meeting or workshop and we're often saying the same thing. We're also quite opinionated on taking innovation seriously and when we hear about the way so many others work with innovation, it baffles us in this day and age that they're not taking it as seriously as they could be.

So in the next few days we will write a little more about the blog and a little more about our relationship with Brightidea and we'll probably jump straight in with our first piece of advice. We'll probably then start sharing tutorials on how to get the best out of Brightidea, but that will come a little later.

Until then, we hope you come back and feel free to reach out to us if you're reading this post and you'd like to know more.

Header photo credit: Ellie Pritts

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