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New ISO guide for innovation management coming in 2018

Iso Innovation Management

There is a guide coming for innovation management early next year. It's from the lovely people at the International Organization for Standardization and we think this is a really interesting opportunity and valuable for the community.

Managing innovation is important. Having a language that we all understand is vital and a necessary part of growing this industry and our own maturity. But we are a little cautious. How do we tell a customer that this is the new terminology, when they've been working with innovation and very successfully for many years?

I think it fair to assume that this guide isn't for them however it would be nice if adopted. Innovation isn't as easy as 1-2-3 but a common language or set of tools to make it more efficient will be most welcome. But the core of this has to be open and fluid.

The scope for the ISO in Innovation Management has been defined as “Standardization of terminology tools and methods and interactions between relevant parties to enable innovation”.

The 3 working groups for the standard are:

  • Innovation management system
  • Terminology, terms and definitions
  • Tools and methods

We will be following up this post next year with more information and we will also be working towards creating a mini workshop with more information on what this means to you, if you're interested in working with or implementing the guide.

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