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Innovationsledarna: The innovation management association in Sweden

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Do you work with innovation and are you based in Sweden? Two simple questions and if you can answer yes to both then you need to be aware of Innovationsledarna, it's an association with the aim of driving common issues for professionals leading and organising innovation efforts at companies in Sweden.

60% of the members come from companies and 40% from consultants and academia. What you're getting is a mix of people facing the same challenges that you are as well as people with expertise around a particular way of working.

What you also have is a group of people working towards the same vision and purpose.

We had the AGM last week and one thing became a little clearer for us; it's growing up and starting to better define itself. And I know I should read all the material we share in our Dropbox (and I've started) but one thing that stood out for me from the meeting was the core values.

  • Co-creation – We create together for each other
  • Determination – We fight for our vision
  • Empowerment – Together we grow as individuals

These resonated. With all associations there has to be something that you strive for that people can align with. These values are also aligned with the purpose and I even made a comment in the meeting about purpose - having not known we had one. When further exploring the documentation, I found them and they did look familiar.

The purpose of Innovationsledarna

  • Develop the innovation management profession.
  • Establish innovation management as an organisational discipline.
  • Support professional development of members.

And when I look back at all the work that has taken place and the work that is ongoing, it's clear to see that the association is well on track.

So, from one purpose to another. If you work with innovation management or you feel it's part of your job even if not by title (something we see quite a bit of), then click this link to learn more about how the association works as I believe it will be of interest to you. As one of the slides in the presentation suggests, professionalisation isn't far away.


Header photo credit: Markus Spiske

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