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So this is where it starts, our innovation blog

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This is a our second post and in the hope that we continue in the same vein, we'll get to the point. And we're doing that because we know your time is precious and if you're reading this post or others, we assume you're working with innovation management, or you want to and that you have a basic grasp of how innovation works.

By this we mean we're not going to spend time writing longs posts. The aim of the blog is to identify very specific topics and tackle them. Some examples could be why we think ideation workshops are great, but only if they're not forgotten in two weeks or why it's so important to track the actual financial outcomes of your innovation efforts.

Both sound obvious, but not many are doing it and of those that are, not all of them are doing it the right way. So this blog is about short posts and to the point.


We'll tell you about real world examples, we'll share graphics, numbers, videos and links. When we have to write something that is a little longer, we'll make it a presentation you can download. In short, it's a blog about managing innovation and all that entails.

Why now?

We're doing this because since 2012 we've been working with Brightidea, the leading developer of innovation management software and it's pretty awesome. It's enterprise software with quite a lot to it and we like sharing, so we will likely be sharing a bit about how the platform supports innovation programs. We've also got quite a lot of experience working with innovation and innovation management, so we'll be sharing that too.

So with that written, it's our second post done. More coming soon.

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