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Understanding design thinking, lean and agile

Design Thinking Innovation Management Free Book

When working with innovation, you work with activities or challenges, think continuous improvement or digital transformation. And when working with innovation, there are methods you use to identify, develop or validate opportunities.

You'll know of these. Crowdsourcing is one and also considered the most effective, but there are many others and many of these will be things you are working with or you'll have heard of.

Some of the more popular methods today include design thinking, lean startup and agile. And they're growing in popularity. But it's okay to not fully understand what they are or how they can fit together. And that is why there is a link to a free ebook from O'Reilly below.

At a high level, they could be described as exploring the problem (design thinking), building the right thing (lean) and building the thing right (agile). There is an infographic below from Gartner to visualise this.

First things first, to get your free copy of the ebook click the link below. You only have to add your email address and then pick your desired format. It's informative and also not that heavy a book. In short, it provides a very good foundation.

Combine Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Agile

Simon Mingay is a Research VP at Gartner and last year at Gartner Symposium he used the below image to visualise how you could combine these three ways of working. If you're a Brightidea customer, you know the apps these connect to. If you're not and you'd like to learn more, please contact us.

Combine design thinking, lean startup and agile

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