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I had an interesting call this morning on the way to the airport that I thought I'd share part of it. I was talking to an organisation about how to work with crowdsourcing and also when not to.

The reason this organisation have identified a need for crowdsourcing was to give a voice to the employees within the organisation that are often not heard and for that voice, opinion or idea to be available for all. That they were going to get innovation management software at the same time, was something to plan for.

It wasn't to look for improvements or to optimise a process or to innovate the next big thing, although that is something they expect to organically follow. It was something more interesting.

It was for the 3,000 employees within this organisation to claim knowledge or an area of expertise based on an idea or opinion about how the organisation operated within a very wide set of parameters. Quite a lot right? And when they've collected all this information, this organisation believe they'll be able to tap into it that knowledge and expertise for future growth.

Makes sense right?

This project is getting driven by IT because the IT department have identified that within the organisation there is a huge amount of knowledge, from people working at home setting up their own servers and networks, to websites and even apps. They want to harness this knowledge and not rely on the few that have the loudest voices or biggest budgets.

And what will success look like? Engaged employees.

I'm writing about this, because it's a great way of looking at what crowdsourcing is. It's not always about outsourcing a problem to someone with the skills or knowledge in the organisation, it can also be about sharing knowledge or expertise and creating a conversation around a topic.

This leads me to a new trend we are seeing and that's how crowdsourcing is used. If you have the platform, people and purpose and if you ask the right questions, you can crowdsource insights as well as track trends. Take it one step further, you can pitch ideas to the business and people can even support those ideas with time or budget.

Like I wrote above, crowdsourcing isn't just about fixing problems or the next big thing. And this a great idea for engaging employees and hopefully it's something I'll be able to write more about soon.

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Header photo credit: Jordan Ladikos

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