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Crowds in modern times and the importance of innovation management

Ever wondered why the crowd is so powerful and why some of the the biggest market disrupters, such as Facebook and large enterprises including Amazon, are currently using crowdsourcing to solve their most complex problems?

We could try and tell you many times, this video from the Laboratory for Innovation Science at Harvard does it really well, so we don't have to.

And this is why we're adding this as a post, because it's important. It's also why you shouldn't treat innovation as a one off event. It's why you should track the ideas, value and outcomes.

It's why you should manage even the most mundane activities instead of leaving them on a Powerpoint or Excel or worse still, the whiteboard. It's why it takes time and it's why it can be so impactful.

It's why innovation has to be taken seriously. Rant over, this very short YouTube clip is great. Enjoy.

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