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January has been a really busy month so far but we are making the time to share what we have planned for 2018 in the near future. Until then, we wanted to use our first post of the year to share some interesting material with you.

It's from Capgemini and their Digital Transformation Institute. The particular report we're referring to is the Capgemini 2017 Innovation Center Research and it makes for interesting reading.

Interesting because innovation centers have entered the mainstream. According to the research, 87% of companies have an innovation lab or space dedicated to innovation.

Take aways from the report

  • Silicon Valley sees its share of US innovation centers decline to 38% in 2017
  • Organisations are focused on AI and data analytics
  • Employee and leadership view isn't the same (see illustration below)

It's worth noting also that Capgemini surveyed 1,700 respondents from 340 companies, each with billion dollar annual revenue in 2016, across 8 countries and 5 sectors. Nearly half of the companies had annual revenues over 10 billion dollars.

Innovation maturity by all respondents

Innovation maturity Capgemini


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