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You should know why we picked Brightidea

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This is a simple post for us to write because it's all about why we picked Brightidea. And to tell this story, we need to go back six years to the 'summer that never was' and also tell you why we were looking for a platform in the first place.

It was the early part of 2011 and we'd made the decision to start taking innovation seriously. By that, we mean more people were talking to us about making innovation a core function within their business. And when we started to look more into this area, we started to ask ourselves a few questions and we saw an opportunity that we were pulled to.

I should also say that before we spoke to Brightidea and all the other providers back then, we even developed a very basic platform for idea submission. But we quickly found ourselves spending more time with code than we were comfortable with and less time with the customer.

However, it was a great learning experience and one that raised quite a few questions for us.

Some questions we wanted answers for

There were a lot of questions back then but what happens after the innovation event was the main one, because we were convinced innovation shouldn't be an event. We also wanted to know how to create an innovation pipeline that could graduate ideas through to be fully developed and fully evaluated so it was ready for implementation or serious consideration.

More important and for a growing number today, we wanted to know how can you justify the expense of innovation when it was clear that so much was needed to be done to achieve success with little or no guarantees. We wanted to know how you could measure the return or track projections and actual outcomes from your innovation activities and how it could be aligned with business goals and customer needs.

The summer of 2011

And that is when we get to the summer of 2011. In case you didn't know, in Sweden we have a month off in the summer (I mean pretty much all of Sweden just takes four weeks off in either July or August), but not all of us at WDO did that year. Instead, we spent the summer speaking with all of the providers of innovation management software. There are quite a few more today than there was then but we were kept busy and it was also a lot of fun.

We ended up picking Brightidea for two key reasons; the platform and the people.

Not only did we quickly come to the conclusion that Brightidea was the best platform and most mature (by a long way), but it was the people at Brightidea that really convinced us. They knew we were in a different time zone, but held all meetings at times that were good for us. There was nothing they wouldn't do for us and even granted us access to their customer idea space to see in more detail how they worked and interacted with customers on a day to day basis.

Decision made

It was hugely refreshing. With others, we had to bend over backwards to see the software only to quickly learn why they didn't want us to see it in the first place. Brightidea gave us access, let us play and stood by us from day one.

And today the relationship is a lot more than supplier / customer in a lot of ways (that we'll be writing about in time). And we're even more confident today that they are the best for managing innovation programs and coincidentally, for the exact same reasons.

So that is why Brightidea and to learn more first hand please visit their website here but if you want the 20 second summary, read on.

About Brightidea

Brightidea is used by companies of all sizes, but some of the more familiar ones to you will be SAP, BT, Cisco, Nielsen, Accenture, GE, Electrolux and Bosch.

They've also got apps, they have an IFTTT type rules engine, innovation tools to help you rate, judge, develop, scorecard and more, and on top of that the platform lets you create custom workflows for pretty much any type of innovation event from workshops and hackathons to always open submission spaces and crowdsourcing events.

They're also the oldest of the innovation management software providers, so it really shouldn't be a surprise that they have the most experience in innovation management software. But this post was mostly about you learning that we didn't just pick them because they were the oldest, we spent a summer figuring out for ourselves why we should pick them.

If you would like to know more about how we work with Brightidea or more about the platform and you're in Sweden or close by, click this link to contact us and maybe we can meet or at the very least have a video call where we can show you how the platform works.

Header photo credit: Brightidea BT case study

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